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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


NAI Harcourts Wodonga commercial property

What is NAI Harcourts? 

NAI Harcourts is the Australian / New Zealand brand member of the NAI Global network. NAI Harcourts is the brand under which Commercial and Industrial property, Business broking, and Asset Management and services are formally delivered under the Harcourts brand.

Why was it formed? 

Harcourts and NAI Global recognise the commercial property market in Australia / New Zealand represents a significant opportunity in global terms and that their ability to win a significant share of that market is enhanced by working together.  

Over time, and as we grow, purpose-designed training, new tools and technology, NAI Harcourts’ market share and international connections will grow. This in turn means our clients will benefit from having access to better market knowledge, more opportunities, additional listings and more capabilities to ensure the Harcourts experience continues to grow. Above all it is about the experience, enabling our clients to use Landmark Harcourts, NAI Harcourts and Harcourts to help them achieve their desired outcome.  

Who is NAI Global? 

NAI Global is the largest global network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms. NAI Global manages a network of 6,800 professionals and 375 offices within the NAI Global team completing over $45 billion in transactions annually and managing over 200 million square feet of commercial space. 

A regular recipient of top industry rankings and honor’s, NAI Global is based in Princeton, New Jersey and has 50 staff strategically positioned around the world providing support to its network of real estate offices. Visit www.naiglobal.com for more information. 

Who Owns NAI Global?  

NAI Global is owned by CIII Capital Partners http://www.c3cp.com/. They manage over 200 billion dollars of debt and assets. CIII take an active role in the governance of NAI Global.

What does “NAI” stand for?

It stands for “New America International”, however the abbreviation to NAI was adopted in 1997 to reflect the growing international expansion of the group. It is now known as NAI Global.

NAI Global and NAI Harcourts team

NAI Global will contribute the international experience available through their organization and its members, provide access to insights and information on world markets and industry trends, and share best practice and training opportunities. In addition, it will allow us to tap into their global communications structure which includes conferences, teleconferences and meetings. Further, access to international clients will be available by developing relationships with NAI Global and their members – this is something NAI Harcourts’ management will focus on coordinating so as to make the most of these relationships and opportunities.

Where will NAI Harcourts operate?

NAI Harcourts will operate throughout New Zealand and Australia, wherever we have commercial sales and leasing specialists, business brokers and/or commercial property managers.

What technology systems will NAI Harcourts have?

Harcourts One will continue to be the key system for listing, referrals, contact management and email marketing – All businesses and professionals also have access to the NAI Global member Platform.

What is the NAI Global Members Site?  

The NAI Global Members Site is similar to Harcourts One in a way, it is designed to make it easy for you to connect to different businesses, offices and brokers around the world. It has some fantastic tools like an action plan, directory, Realtrac software, training and the opportunity broadcast, just to name a few items.  This is excellent global technology and training is required.  

What is the plan for the growth of NAI Harcourts? Who will drive this?

We have a detailed business plan, with individual objectives designed to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming one of the top three commercial property service companies in Australasia within the next five years. This will be driven by the CEO of NAI Harcourts, working alongside State CEO's and their teams, the HIL heads of department and relevant Business Owners and Sales Consultants.

The Commercial business

To achieve the goal of becoming one of the top three commercial property service companies in Australasia, NAI Harcourts need to be professional specialists, working as a team and not on a part time basis. From consultant to consultant, office to office, state to state and country to country, all areas of the business need to share knowledge and skills to help win the business and look after clients’ interests. All NAI Harcourts consultants need to understand the bigger picture and work openly together. 

The key focus is to develop strong relationships with local, national and international clients.  We have to work as one team - not independent offices or professionals - and above all protect the client’s experience.The industry covers Leasing, Sales, Industrial, Offices, Retail, City Fringe, Corporate Business, Business Broking, and Investment sales, Owner occupiers, Developments, Land development, Tenant reps, Asset management, Advisory work, projects and Valuation.  Each department is different and specialist skills are required.

Is the business growing?

Yes it is. Over the past three years in New Zealand, NAI Harcourts has now grown into a team of more than 120 sole NAI Harcourts consultants with representation in over 60 locations. Over the last 12 months, NAI Harcourts was involved in over 1500 transactions, and during this period NAI Harcourts in New Zealand increased 64 per cent in written value and 81 per cent in settled sales.  On average, NAI Harcourts have been growing at a rate of 60 per cent per year.